Daily Archives: July 11, 2011

Monday’s Finding: The Modern Groom

Over the weekend, I Am Staggered posted this great infographic filled with statistics on the modern groom. While the infographic is based on statistics in the UK, US grooms can certainly benefit from it as grooms here in the US are also becoming more involved in the wedding planning process.

As a planner, I am thrilled when I meet with potential clients and see that the groom is just as enthusiastic about the wedding planning process as the bride. I welcome the shift from “it’s the brides day” to “it’s OUR day.” Even when the groom is quiet and defers to the bride, I make an effort to include the groom in the process. I want to provide both partners with a wedding experience that speaks to them as a couple and I welcome the groom’s input and the way modern grooms are changing the way I and my fellow planners do business.

So, for you modern grooms out there, take a peek at I Am Staggered’s post and graphic to see where you fit in the wedding planning process. Oh, and while your at it, register with the site and don’t forget to download the Staggered Directory 2011 for great groom centered articles and info.

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