Saturday’s Surprise: Winter White Wedding in July

Sometimes the only comfort in 90 degree temps, as thunderstorms exacerbate the heat with dreaded humidity, is to dream of nature’s glitter (snow) and the stunning backdrop it provides for winter weddings. It’s one of those days where you just want to stuff your noggin’ in the freezer and sneak your way over to the thermostat in hopes to induce a winter weather phenomenon in your own home. I will admit to being a serious fan of winter. I’m one of those weirdos who actually like to shovel snow, and despite my age, will drop to the ground and make a snow angel provided the Snow Miser has blessed us with enough of the white stuff to do it.

(pic is in the public domain from

Here are some Winter White Wedding sources and ideas on this hot July morning. May they cool you off and give you some inspiration for your Winter Wonderland wedding.

Notes on inspiration board photos: Cake photo by Heather Cole Photography. Couple on the bridge by End Design. Ankle boots are by Liz Lisa.

‘Winter White Wedding in July’ by ravengrrl

A collection for a lovely winter wedding in an all white palette.

Silver Snowflake Ke…


Wishing Tree with T…


Madeline and Daniel…


Glitz and Glam Bead…


Rare Vintage Design…


Winter Finery Weddi…




Beautiful PRINCESS …


Winter Wedding Fasc…


Ornament Snowflake …


Snowy White Winter …


Snowflake Place Car…


100 Edible Silver L…


100 Fire Starter Pi…


Silver Floral Weddi…


Winter Castle Brida…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

Winter in July

RomanticThreads vintage gown
$895 –

Wedding Invitation | Page 282


One response to “Saturday’s Surprise: Winter White Wedding in July

  1. All websites should have a kick-ass iPad version like yours. I. Love. Your. Website. Now, back to searching for ideas for menswear that isn’t a standard black or white suit…

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