Theme Thursday: Vintage Week: Tiki!

It wasn’t until I met my ex-husband that I experienced the fun of anything Tiki. My first real experience of his love of Tiki was at Disneyland. I had been to Disneyland many times, but never really thought The Enchanted Tiki Room was worth waiting in line for. When he and I went to Disneyland our first time together, he dragged me in to what I thought was going to be animatronic boresville. I was wrong, it was a lot of fun and whenever I’m at Disneyland, I make it a point to get my Tiki on.

Sing with me…you know you want to!

My fun loving ex then told me about this restaurant in Rosemead (CA) called Bahooka. Bahooka was featured in the movie, Swingers. What a fun kitschy restaurant full of aquariums and the kitsch is more than just decor, it makes it’s way in to the food too. If you go, you must get the Bahooka Bowl. This drink is vodka, wine, and passion fruit juice served to you in a flaming bowl with two straws. Trust me, it’s totally worth the $20.

Bahooka Bowl. Pic from: and photo by Robyn Brown as stated on

So, when I decided to do a Vintage Week, I had to throw in at least one of my favorite kitschy themes, and Tiki was definitely on the list. Tiki essentially refers to carved stone and wood human like statues of a variety of Polynesian cultures. Tiki became popular beginning in the late 40s as soldiers returned home after World War II. It boomed in the 50s and early 60s, losing its appeal in the 70s. With the rise in popularity of all things vintage, Tiki kitsch is making its way back in to our culture, especially with regard to events. If you like what you see on the inspiration board and want to begin your own collecting of vintage Tiki, I highly recommend Etsy and have included vintage Tiki items from a variety of shops here.

‘In the Tiki Room’ by ravengrrl

A collection of items for a Tiki themed event

Perfect 1950’s …


Vintage hula dolls


Vintage 1950s Tiki …


Vintage 60s Hand Ca…


Amazing Vintage Ato…


Mens Vintage 70s Ki…




ReTrO FaBuLouS Vint…


Tiki Statue


Cowrie shell plant …


Kitschy Musical HUL…


Vintage Bamboo Hawa…


Vintage Barkcloth -…


50s Vintage Hula Gi…


Large Vintage Paper…


Polynesian Tiki Bar…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

Tiki Birthday


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