Friday’s Favorite: Mod Cloth

Today’s Friday’s Favorite comes from Mod Cloth. A couple of years ago a friend told me about Mod Cloth and I just adore the site’s unique and reasonably priced designs. As of late, Mod Cloth has introduced several dresses that I consider to be great choices for the casual indie bride. Today I thought I would share some of these dresses and a few accessories that I feel are definitely wedding worthy.

Here is a bit about how Mod Cloth positioned itself as a go to shop for those seeking something out of the ordinary: “Founded by high school sweethearts, Eric Koger and Susan Gregg Koger, and built on a foundation of love for vintage and retro clothing, is an online clothing, accessories, and decor retailer that aims to provide a fun and engaging shopping atmosphere for you, our customer. We do this by interacting with you via social network sites like Twitter and Facebook, requesting your feedback through the Mod Cloth Blog and product reviews, and asking you to vote on potential inventory with the Be the Buyer program, all with the intention of running a fashion business in a democratic style. Supplying you with the opportunities to have your voice heard is what keeps our company fresh, relevant, and growing by leaps and bounds.” –

Friday's Favorites: Mod Cloth

Tiered dress
$200 –

Summer evening dress
$85 –

Lace evening dress
$200 –

$180 –

Bohemian dress
$110 –

Quartz Sand Dress
$53 –

$40 –

Heel pumps
$40 –

Tassel handbag
$28 –

Wedge heel shoes
$12 –

Sparkle jewelry
$15 –

Cherry pendant
$15 –

Headbands hair accessory
$20 –


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