Friday’s Favorite: Topsy Turvy Design

On today’s Friday’s Favorite, I present to you a most AMAZING designer. I literally became slack jawed when I saw Kim’s designs. I am a fan of over the top dramatic designs, particularly those that reflect upon the opulence of the Rococo/French Revolutionary period a la Marie Antoinette and the Victorian era. Well, Kim’s Topsy Turvy Design creations do just that.

What I love about Kim’s hats and fascinators is that they are created from scratch by her own hand. She uses old school millinery techniques that many, if not most, hat designers no longer use. Unfortunately, millinery is slowly becoming a lost art and it thrills me to no end to see that someone out there is keeping the techniques and traditions alive. No preformed hats with bits and bobs hot glued on, these are the real deal. If you are planning a themed event or wedding or are just looking for a beautiful hat or fascinator, please consider Topsy Turvy Design.

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“My name is Kim Brown-Dye and I am a sometimes costumier & full time milliner. All of my hatties are a theatrical in nature, a bit bold & a whole lot of fun! I build each one from scratch using buckram & wire construction which is then covered & trimmed using the finest materials & hand finishing. OLDE school all the way & custom made to fit you!” -

FYI: I have sought permission from this vendor to use her photos of her work. Please do not use these photos for personal gain or copy the designs presented. This product is the livelihood, passion, and intellectual property of the artist and to copy these items or to use them for person gain is both highly unethical and in some cases is a violation of copyright law.

You may have seen Topsy Turvy Designs:
America’s Got Talent: As Seen on America’s Got Talent Season 5 Contestant – Prince Poppycock.
Sanrio’s 35th Anniversary of Hello Kitty Fashion Show: Rhinestone Hello Kitty Ears, Candy Apple Hat & Pirate Tricorn took to the cat walk in celebration of Hello Kitty’s 35th Birthday
MTV: Hatties “The Shien” & “The Evelyn” were recently seen on MTV’s Steampunk Special.
Goodmorning LA: “Classic Bow with Birdcage Veil” was styled into a Good Morning LA fashion show by the fab Katie of Unique Vintage
Webisode of Threadbangers:
Etsy: In conjunction with Eyespy films created a Handmade Video Portrait on Topsy Turvy land
Storque: Annette Musick’s article on Circus Couture:

Photo Credits
Brown Pleated Victorian Hat w/ peacock sword feathers: Photo – Model Isabella Misery / Silent Shudder Photography
Black Victorian Tricorn Hat: Photo: Model Kayleigh / 666 Photography
Gilded Ship Hat: Photo: Model Kayleigh / 666 Photography
Ivory Pleated Victorian Hat: Photo – Model Jeanine Peebles / Bottle Bell Photography
Burgundy and Pink Top Hat: Photo – PHOTO: Model Victoria / Kate O’Brien Creative / Wrap – Bonzie
Black Velvet Pirate Hat: Photo – Model Shien Lee / Marlo Gamora
Heart Fascinator: PHOTO – Model Aubrey London / Photographer Rachel Detra
Tan and Gold Steampunk Inspired Top Hat: Photo – Model Isabella Misery / Silent Shudder Photography
Pink Pirate Hat: Photo – Model Beaux Deadly / Darla Teagarden
Burlesque Peacock Hat: PHOTO: Model Molly Doll / Photographer Luminous Lizzy
The Prince Poppycock – 18th Century Tricorn: PHOTO: Model Prince Poppycock


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