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Theme Thursday: Winnie the Pooh

Yesterday I watched the trailer for the new Winnie the Pooh movie coming out next month and literally let out a, “SQUEE!” Winnie the Pooh has been a favorite of mine since childhood. I remember the stories being read to me and watching the original shorts on The Wonderful World of Disney. So, in the spirit of wise ol’ Pooh Bear, here is an inspiration board for a Winnie the Pooh party.

Please note: The original picture of the bee pops comes from Bakerella’s bee pop tutorial:

Winnie the Pooh Party

Wedding Wednesday: Mustard and Aqua

I almost didn’t post this board for today as I have watched other wonderful wedding blogs post similar color schemes this week. I’ve had this one sitting for a while and I thought about doing something else. However, the more I began to think about it, I thought that maybe now was the right time to post it.

Note: going to get a little metaphysical here: It says something for us wedding folk that perhaps their is some sort of collective consciousness going on? Perhaps we are all experiencing similar inspiration? Whatever it is, it’s beautiful and I’m happy I can share in it.

My favorite bit in this board: the yellow dress I have chosen to represent a bridal gown.

Wedding Wednesday Mustard and Aqua

Tips or Trends Tuesday: Tips: Attendant Gifts

What is the best way to say thank you to my attendants?

Well, I would say it depends upon the individual attendants. As one who has been in several weddings and received some of the same type of attendant gifts, I am a big believer in throwing out the whole cookie cutter personalized every body gets the same thing from the mall/catalog attendant gifts. I have three silver plated heart shaped boxes from you know where and know guys who have multiple flasks from the same you know where store (Remember?). To me, such gifts can come across as obligatory and a bit status quo.

My advice on this one? Consider personal gifts for each attendant rather than a cookie cutter run of the mill mall/catalog item that will likely gather dust. You can have the same amount budgeted for each attendant and still say thanks, but with an item that is either exclusively theirs or that is similar, but a little outside the box and practical. Here are some suggestions:

Click on the individual picture to link directly to the item.

‘Wedding Attendant Gifts’ by ravengrrl

The first two rows are a bit traditional, while the third and fourth rows are not.

Hand Stamped Garnet…


1939 RADIANCE Silve…


Bridesmaids Clutche…


Swarovski Pearl and…


Tuesday Sale – Silv…


Personalized Ice Ch…


Classic Silver Fili…


4 Groomsmen microfi…


Rhode Island Plyboo…


Candoni Pinot Noir …


Railroad Spike Claw…




Chocolate Truffle M…


Stainless Steel Cof…


Vintage Hobnail Mil…


Vintage Motorcycle …


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

RT @rocknrollbride: Pose in Your Wedding

RT @rocknrollbride: Pose in Your Wedding Photographs – What to Do (& What Not to Do) -You MUST read this

RT @gaywedding: How to get married in New York

RT @gaywedding: New blog post – how to get married in NY (answering special same-sex marriage questions):

Congratulations New York!

Tonight I watched history being made with 45,000 plus other people watching online coverage of the New York Senate’s vote for marriage equality. As you may know, the bill passed and marriage equality came to the people of New York. Tonight I pray that the history in New York will signal our White House and our country that equal rights are for everyone. I am so very proud of the GLBTIQ community, our freedom fighters, and our allies. I shed many tears of joy tonight and I rejoice with New York. The fight is not won yet and I encourage and pray that America will choose love and equality.

Congratulations NY

Friday’s Favorite: Vintage Week: New Vintage Lady

In my preparation for Vintage Week, I came across New Vintage Lady on Etsy. As a still plus size woman (even after the loss of 125 pounds), I can tell you that finding plus size vintage clothing is a near impossible task. I thought if I got down to the size I am now, that a whole world would open up for me. It did, but vintage was not going to open up no matter how hard I knocked. Oh, you can find muumuu’s and no offense to my Polynesian friends, but muumuu’s aren’t exactly my style.

Okay, back to New Vintage Lady. What is so great about her shop is she not only has vintage reproductions in plus sizes to buy, but also patterns for those who’d like to DIY be they plus size or not. “I specialize in plus size vintage patterns (but carry items of all sizes!), reproduction patterns 40″ bust and over, clothing, notions, and vintage inspired creations often of my own design. All patterns have been checked for pieces and if anything is missing (be it a piece, instructions, etc) it will be described in the listing.” -

New Vintage Lady also has a blog: and a website:

FYI: I have sought permission from this vendor to use her photos of her work. Please do not use these photos for personal gain or copy the designs presented. This product is the livelihood, passion, and intellectual property of the artist and to copy these items or to use them for person gain is both highly unethical and in some cases is a violation of copyright law.