Tips or Trends Tuesday: 3D details

One of the first items a recently engaged bride shops for is a wedding dress. Many times the entire theme and feel of the wedding is inspired by “the one.” I found my perfect dress at the first store I went to and I hadn’t even planned on buying yet. I just wanted to get a feel for silhouettes and went in the store with pre-conceived notions and hesitations regarding the big chain bridal store. Wouldn’t you know it, I had to eat some serious crow. My bridesmaid and I went looking through the racks and I didn’t find a thing that appealed to me. Then my bridesmaid held up a dress with a label I knew I couldn’t afford. Yes, it was amazing and I swear I heard angels sing, but there was no way I could afford the designer dress. Then, I heard her say, “It’s marked down to only $XYZ!” What? Seriously? Really? OMG, I really hope it fits because this dress met all of my criteria: ivory, pearls, crystals, and three dimensional detail like what I saw trending during the recent Bridal Market Week in NYC. Wouldn’t you know it, it fit! I was in love with the way the flowers seemed to jump out at you as the crystals and pearls captured the light. Not only was I getting a great deal, but I was getting a dress that was on trend, and that brings me to today’s Tips or Trends Tuesday: 3D detailing.

Many designers during Bridal Market NYC week not only showcased amazing creations, but did so with beautiful detailing that took the wedding dress in to the third dimension. Flowers that once laid flat against the body became textural wonders that added depth and dimension. This was a bridal trend I definitely wanted to participate in. I thought of how great those details would photograph and thankfully I found a dress that incorporated this trend and that looked great on me. Here are a few examples of the growing 3D trend from Bridal Market NYC:

One response to “Tips or Trends Tuesday: 3D details

  1. Wow all of those dresses are so gorgeous – my favourite is the first one on the second row!! By the way, I love the story of how you found your dress 🙂 Like a fairytale.

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