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Tips or Trends Tuesday: 3D details

One of the first items a recently engaged bride shops for is a wedding dress. Many times the entire theme and feel of the wedding is inspired by “the one.” I found my perfect dress at the first store I went to and I hadn’t even planned on buying yet. I just wanted to get a feel for silhouettes and went in the store with pre-conceived notions and hesitations regarding the big chain bridal store. Wouldn’t you know it, I had to eat some serious crow. My bridesmaid and I went looking through the racks and I didn’t find a thing that appealed to me. Then my bridesmaid held up a dress with a label I knew I couldn’t afford. Yes, it was amazing and I swear I heard angels sing, but there was no way I could afford the designer dress. Then, I heard her say, “It’s marked down to only $XYZ!” What? Seriously? Really? OMG, I really hope it fits because this dress met all of my criteria: ivory, pearls, crystals, and three dimensional detail like what I saw trending during the recent Bridal Market Week in NYC. Wouldn’t you know it, it fit! I was in love with the way the flowers seemed to jump out at you as the crystals and pearls captured the light. Not only was I getting a great deal, but I was getting a dress that was on trend, and that brings me to today’s Tips or Trends Tuesday: 3D detailing.

Many designers during Bridal Market NYC week not only showcased amazing creations, but did so with beautiful detailing that took the wedding dress in to the third dimension. Flowers that once laid flat against the body became textural wonders that added depth and dimension. This was a bridal trend I definitely wanted to participate in. I thought of how great those details would photograph and thankfully I found a dress that incorporated this trend and that looked great on me. Here are a few examples of the growing 3D trend from Bridal Market NYC:

Monday’s Finding on Tuesday: Memorial Day and Tea Cup Ring Pillows

Well, I hope you all had a lovely Memorial Day weekend. I come from a military family and Memorial Day is a special time of reflection and gratitude for me. My father spend nearly 24 years as a highly respected Cryptologist in the Navy (heck, he even got to help the British government), my sister almost 11 years in the Army (she earned medals for her role in the invasion of Panama), my nephew is currently in the Air Force, both of my uncles were in the Army (82nd and 101st), and my grandfather was in the Army as well. I take this time to be grateful for all of men and women in uniform that have passed and to those currently in service. In addition, I give a big thank you to the spouses and families, for they too sacrifice so that their loved ones can serve their country.

I want to bring special attention to a charity known as the American Widow Project. The American Widow Project has dedicated itself to sharing the stories of the estimated 3,000 military widows of the nearly 6,000 service members who have died since 2001 as well as those that occurred prior. “While the service member’s sacrifice is acknowledged, many simply forget or fail to recognize the sacrifice of the spouse who is now left a widow of war. Oftentimes the invisible wounds of military widows are disregarded due to age or a simple lack of knowledge and understanding. The American Widow Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to the new generation of those who have lost the heroes of yesterday, today and tomorrow, with an emphasis on healing through sharing stories, tears and laughter………Military Widow to Military Widow.” –http://www.americanwidowproject.org/about/. Please go to their website to learn more and donate if you are able.

Now, on to Monday’s Finding…on Tuesday. This week’s Monday’s Finding is an Etsy vendor that I featured on the Etsy Virtual Bridal Show (slideshow posted at the end of this post), Enchanted Bouquets. Enchanted Bouquets specializes in amazingly beautiful paper bridal and attendant bouquets. When revisiting Amber’s shop over the weekend, I found that she has started making wicked cute ring pillows out of tea cups! I knew I had to share them with you and I greatly appreciate Amber’s willingness for sharing her work on my blog.

FYI: I have sought permission from this vendor to use her photos of her work as Etsy does not allow photos to be clipped. Please do not use this photo for personal gain or copy the design presented. This product is the livelihood, passion, and intellectual property of the artist and to copy these items or to use them for person gain is both highly unethical and in some cases is a violation of copyright law (this means you Urban Outfitters!).

For a mod/vintage wedding, this aqua and lime color combo would go quite well.

This teacup is perfect for a shabby shic fete.

For an elegant garden affair, this teacup is perfect.

Aren’t they fabulous? I love them and I’m really considering getting one for my own wedding. Oh, and in case you missed it, here is Enchanted Bouquet’s slide show from the Etsy Virtual Bridal Show:

Stay tuned later in the day for Tips and Trends Tuesday!