Dishing for Dana: Broke Ass Bride Needs Our Help

Dishing for Dana is a fundraiser for the blogger known as Broke Ass Bride. Dana’s blog has become a valuable resource for those who want an intimate personal wedding and don’t have a huge wallet. She consistently comes up with great ideas and inspiration that I learn a lot from. Dana has “an autoimmune disease called Uveitis. My immune system doggedly attacks my eyes causing inflammation, visual disturbances and blurriness. It is incurable and will cause blindness if left untreated. I also have a very rare deep-tissue form of a disease called Granuloma Annulare, causing a different type of inflammation in my foot, for which I had surgery last year. It is so rare, I am unable to find a doctor who knows how to treat it moving forward.” Dana is having her 12th surgery tomorrow as her left eye has come out of remission. The goal of Dishing for Dana is to raise $20,000 not only to her medical bills and premiums, but also to give $2,000 to the American Autoimmune Related Disease Association. In addition to standard donations, there is also an auction for some great wedding services and merchandise.

If you are unable to help financially, please spread the word and keep Dana and her loved ones in your thoughts and prayers.

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