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Dishing for Dana: Broke Ass Bride Needs Our Help

Dishing for Dana is a fundraiser for the blogger known as Broke Ass Bride. Dana’s blog has become a valuable resource for those who want an intimate personal wedding and don’t have a huge wallet. She consistently comes up with great ideas and inspiration that I learn a lot from. Dana has “an autoimmune disease called Uveitis. My immune system doggedly attacks my eyes causing inflammation, visual disturbances and blurriness. It is incurable and will cause blindness if left untreated. I also have a very rare deep-tissue form of a disease called Granuloma Annulare, causing a different type of inflammation in my foot, for which I had surgery last year. It is so rare, I am unable to find a doctor who knows how to treat it moving forward.” Dana is having her 12th surgery tomorrow as her left eye has come out of remission. The goal of Dishing for Dana is to raise $20,000 not only to her medical bills and premiums, but also to give $2,000 to the American Autoimmune Related Disease Association. In addition to standard donations, there is also an auction for some great wedding services and merchandise.

If you are unable to help financially, please spread the word and keep Dana and her loved ones in your thoughts and prayers.

Tips or Trends Tuesday: Groom Blogs and Resources

Welcome to day two of Masculine Gender week! All this week I will have posts that are related to the masculine gender whether you consider yourself a “groom” or a “bride.” I’ll be using the words “groom” and “groomsman” to refer to those who identify with the masculine gender for convenience’s sake. Please know that I will be featuring ALL types of grooms no matter their sexual orientation and identity. If you are a reader of this blog, you will know that I believe that anyone who loves and wishes to make a formal commitment of that love are celebrated here.

On today’s Tips or Trends Tuesday, I am featuring blogs and resources for grooms. It’s great to see so many grooms becoming involved in the wedding process and the shift from the “bride’s day,” “my day,” “her day,” to “OUR day.” There are some really great grooms out there blogging about their experiences and sharing resources for grooms who want to get involved.

Let’s start with a few recommended blogs and sites:
I Am Staggered
The Groom Says
The Plunge
The Groom Groove
The Man Registry
Groom’s Day
Prideful Engagements
Gay Weddings
So Your EnGAYged
The Art of Shaving: Barber Spa
Spa Finder for Men
Rental Attire:
Men’s Warehouse: Check out their free tux or suit program.
The Knot’s Suit/Tuxedo Rental Directory
Custom Made/Bespoke Attire:
My Tailor
A. J. Machete and Sons
Designer Suits/Tuxedos:
Emporio Armani
Suits for Butch/Trans/Androgyny:
Snagging the Perfect Suit for Your Wedding by S. Bear Bergman

Next, I want to introduce you to a great free e-magazine from I Am Staggered. “The Staggered Directory 2011,” is a comprehensive guide for grooms, groomsmen, and fathers designed to inform and encourage participation of the masculine gender in the wedding planning process. You’ll find everything from explanations of attendant roles, real grooms, gifts, and planning the honeymoon. If you read only one publication, I would highly recommend “The Staggered Directory 2011.”

I leave you today with a few boards for you showcasing some really great attire (including vintage and bespoke designs via Etsy). I hope you enjoy.

‘Groomalicious- Masculine Wedding Attire’ by ravengrrl

Lady Killer vintage…


Beer. Hops, barley …


Brown and Tan Strip…


Vintage 80s GOTHIC…


Vintage 1960s Red &…


Tuxedo Style Pirate…


Vintage Cream Broca…


New Ascot Tie Crava…


The Space Tuxedo–C…


100% Custom/ Hand M…


Navy Blazer with pu…


Pastel Gingham Bow …


Size 44 Vintage Lig…


Hay here Daddy-O, S…


The Harrison Suit


Vertigo Stripe High…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.