Theme Thursday: Wonder Woman

I have to admit that there are times when I struggle to come up with a theme each week. So many different themes have been done by so many different bloggers that it’s sometimes hard to be original. Last night I realized, that’s okay. Because we all have different perspectives and that is what makes our inspiration boards unique, even if they have a similar theme.

Today’s theme is inspired by my favorite superhero of my childhood: Wonder Woman. Oh, and yes, I had the Underoos. Gosh, I’m dating myself. Of all of the items in this inspiration board, the invitation is my absolute favorite as it captures a bit of my childhood by making Wonder Woman, Wonder Girl. So, for those of you who are and were fans of Wonder Woman, I hope you like it.


2 responses to “Theme Thursday: Wonder Woman

  1. We are glad you like our Wonder Girl invitation design! Thank you for mentioning us, and have a wonderful day!!

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