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Monday’s Finding: Weddings Full of Pride

Many of you who know me, know that I am involved in the GLBT community, particularly when it comes to marriage equality. In my heart and in my soul, I believe love should be celebrated in all of it’s forms and that marriage is a right for all of those who love and seek a lifetime of commitment. Whether you agree with me or not, I must use my tiny spotlight to talk about the things closest to my heart or else I feel like I am wasting this privilege that has been given to me.

I want to start this post by appealing to GLBT allies in the straight community to include a marriage equality statement in your ceremony, program, or even in a speech at your reception. I know that for some, it’s asking a lot, but we won’t attain equality for all if we don’t step out of our comfort zones. Here are some examples of marriage equality statements created by other couples committed to marriage equality:

“Mike and Britt want to acknowledge that the joy they feel today is contrasted with empathy for those families whose unions the state refuses to recognize out of bigotry. As Brittany will readily attest to – not every marriage is about biological procreation. And, as we can see from their antics this evening, a couple’s heterosexuality is no indicator of their responsibility for young children. It is time for this injustice to end.” -from Bowiebride.com

“Meg and David believe that marriage is a universal human right, and continue to fight and pray for the day when we will be able to share the joys and privileges of civil marriage with all of our LGBTQ sisters and brothers.” – apracticalwedding.com

For other ways to address marriage equality, I highly recommend you go to the full article on Practical Wedding.

Next, if you are planning a GLBT Wedding, I highly recommend the following sites:
Gay Weddings
So You’re Engayged
Lambda Gay Weddings

Finally, check out these Real Weddings for a bit of inspiration:
Wendy & Carrie (beautiful brides)
Craig and David (you will LOVE their cake)
Annalise and Storm (VERY cool red and black rockabilly inspired wedding)
Tim and Mark (beautiful literary theme with the coolest programs I’ve seen)

Save the Date image source: http://www.weddinginvitations123.net/product/239463710962903832