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Tips or Trends Tuesday: Eco Friendly Florals

Eco Friendly floral options have been on the rise and now that he Royal Wedding is over and William and Catherine’s use of eco friendly decor, more and more couples will be focused on how to have beautiful wedding floral decor without the use of gas guzzling imports. So, what are some of the ways in which you can keep your florals beautiful without creating a carbon footprint as large as Bigfoot?

1. Use flowers from a family garden.
2. Buy local and organic. Farmers Markets are a great way to find beautiful flowers not only on a budget, but free from pesticides and will keep it local.
3. Think non-floral such as making a brooch bouquet out of family jewelry or vintage pieces from thrift stores or specialty vintage shops or cloth flowers made from vintage fabrics.
4. Use trees and flowering plants to decorate the ceremony and reception space. Plant them in your garden or in a community space after the wedding. If it was good enough for the Royal Couple, it’s good enough for you.
5. Utilize seasonal flowers instead of paying a premium for flowers grown out of country and out of season.
6. Choose a few large stems instead of many medium to smaller size blooms. Hydrangeas, trumpet callas, etc.
7. Go completely non-floral and natural use things like twigs, pine cones, or berries.
8. Use more candles (soy candles are definitely a great eco friendly option) than flowers. Pile up a good amount of candles and scatter petals or just a few flowers amongst them or float silk flowers in a clear container with floating candles. You will also have the added benefit of beautiful pics, because candlelight flatters everyone.

Here are a few examples of some great eco friendly floral options. We all need to do our part for this beautiful planet we reside on. Best wishes on luck on your marriage!