Monday’s Finding: Planning the Marriage and a 55th Anniversary

When we get engaged, we often dive head first in to planning the wedding. We pour through magazines and books and websites and blogs and…and…and. A few weeks ago, I came across a great quote regarding this, “We should spend as much time planning the marriage as we spend planning the wedding.” -author unknown

I admit that all of those things like trying on dresses, creating inspiration boards, buying accessories, etc. are loads of fun. However, keep in mind that planning for your future life together should be the priority. Getting those big questions such as finances, investments, whether you want children or not, name changes, anger management, communication styles, family issues, spirituality, etc. should be answered before the wedding. In addition, each of you should decide on what you can and what you cannot live with. Remember that people will change not just behaviorally and emotionally, but physically as well. People gain weight, lose hair, have accidents, etc. and you need to be sure to accept that reality and focus on what’s inside rather than outside. I highly recommend addressing these issues and getting outside help (such as a Marriage Family Therapist aka MFT, my mom was and MFT) if there is difficulty in getting them resolved.

If you do a great job addressing these issues before you get married and as they come up in the marriage, your chances of spending a lifetime with your wonderful fiancee are greater and you might just be able to do a 55th Anniversary photo shoot like the couple in the link below.

Today’s finding is a lovely 55th Anniversary photo shoot by Jesse Holland Photography and featured on one of my favorite wedding blogs, Style Me Pretty:

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