Daily Archives: May 6, 2011

Friday’s Favorite: BHLDN

BHLDN is a brand recently released by the same folks who brought you Anthropologie. The wedding world did a collective, “SQUEE!” when the grand opening occurred and witnessed the amazing bridal gowns and now we are doing it again as BHLDN has developed some amazingly beautiful decor options for the couple with and Anthropologie style.

“An understated word with significant meaning charmed us. And so began, BHLDN. Inspired by the Dutch word for “to keep,” as well as countless tales from family and friends of the extraordinary weddings they’d been part of, we began dreaming up something new.” –http://www.bhldn.com/about/

Below you will see a collection of my favorite items from BHLDN. I highly encourage you to explore their site and see some great “outside the box” items you would like to see in your wedding.