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Theme Thursday- My Dia de los Muertos Engagement/Birthday Party pt. 2

Here is my inspiration board for the party. I want bright colors, a community ofrenda (each person brings something for it), and if people want they can wear calavera makeup (I might have someone there to do it). After the board for the party are other boards I have done in the past with a similar theme.

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$129 – bassettfurniture.com

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Theme Thursday- My Dia de los Muertos Engagement/Birthday Party pt. 1

For today’s Theme Thursday, I thought I would share with you what the theme for my engagement party (also my birthday) will be. Growing up in San Diego was such a blast and one of my favorite things other than the ocean is Dia de los Muertos. Dia de los Muertos (in English: Day of the Dead) is a holiday that if you aren’t familiar with it can seem a little odd. You see, in the Mexican culture, death is not something to be feared, but considered to be a part of life. Every year from October 31st – November 3rd we are reminded to celebrate our ancestors and deceased loved ones. For those who celebrate it, an ofrenda (altar) is typically set up in a family’s home that honors their beloved dead. Bright colors are used to express the joy of knowing that our deceased loved ones come to visit us during this time of year. It is not a somber celebration of death, but a celebration of joy, knowing that we will see our dead ones again.

Many of you know that my mother passed away on March 30th. I was very close to her and she was much more than my mother, she was my best friend, my confidante, and my heart. Losing her has really thrown my whole engagement and thoughts surrounding it in to a tail spin. There are many times where I just sit and cry, get angry (especially with the Mother’s Day commercials), and have struggled when I think about the best way to honor her. My fiance and I have held off for an engagement party so that we can have time to grieve and move on from a place of such sadness. My mother loved Dia de los Muertos and my birthday is in October (my mom always went all out with birthdays), so we thought a fitting tribute would be to celebrate our engagement with a colorful Dia de los Muertos theme.

Today I want to share with those who are experiencing the loss of a loved one, a different way in which to handle death and the feelings of loss. It’s appropriate to mourn for a significant period and those feelings will never go away totally and completely. However, I would ask that you maybe consider taking a little bit of the Dia de los Muertos spirit with you to remind you (and me) that in death we can look to the happiness we had with those we loved and celebrate it.

First we have an Etsy treasury I created from items we are getting for our celebration. My dress will be in the style picture, but instead of a check pattern, it will be accented with sugar skull fabric. My favorite has to be the papel picado made by Amy Mujer (she was featured in Bride’s magazine a month or two ago).

‘Engagement Party Stuff’ by ravengrrl

This is just a list of things I want for my engagement/birthday party not meant to be artistic.

Frida’s Flowers…


Day of the Dead Wed…


Day of the Dead Sug…


Miss Skeleton Butte…


Vintage Skeleton Wi…


Rockabilly checkere…


Day of the Dead- Al…


Black and Red Skull…




Day of the Dead – M…


Paint it Yourself S…


Old fashioned Hallo…


PDF (.pdf) Original…


Your Pick… 20 pom…


Blank Greeting Card…


Color Me Happy Set …


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

Stay tuned for part two later on today.