Royal Wedding Coverage: The bride has arrived! Processional

My first reaction: Goosebumps! YES! Sarah Burton Alexander McQueen! Wow! A line, lace top with long sleeves and a v-neck. Sensible train. Cathedral length in ivory and white satin. She is wearing the Queen’s Halo tiara (made in 1936). She is so beautiful. Just lovely and simple elegance as I stated in my reaction to the decor at Westminster Abbey. Her father looks so proud.

William and Harry are making their way to the high altar. They are all processing to “I Was Glad” by Charles Hubert Hastings Perry.

The maids and page boys are just too cute as Pippa leads them behind Kate.

Harry just turned around and smiled at Kate and then said something to Will…very cute.

Kate’s mother is beginning to tear up.

The bride is led beside her groom and they are both grinning from ear to ear. Seems to be a lot of emotion and definitely chemistry between them. Definitely different from the faces I saw at Diana and Charles’ wedding as a child.

Kate’s father is smiling and talking to William.

You can tell that this is a couple madly in love. It looks like they are trying to restrain themselves from jumping in to each other’s arms. This is the royal wedding that Britain has been waiting for and so richly deserves.

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