Royal Wedding Coverage: Recessional and What Harry said and Pics

Registers: two for the chapel records, one for the royal records, and the marriage certificate. Taking place in private.

William is leading Catherine gently up the stairs.

The congregation is waiting while the choir sings “Blest Pair of Sirens” by Charles Hubert Hastings Perry.

Registers have been signed as the choir finishes singing.

The recessional begins!

In line with Royal Tradition, the bridal bouquet will end up on the Grave of the Unknown Warrior. -source: Clarence House

They bells are ringing and the crowd is cheering as the couple emerges from Westminster Abbey as their carriage awaits them. The carriage is a 109 year old State Landau horse drawn coach.

William told Kate’s father prior to the ceremony, “We were just supposed to have a small family affair.” Thanks to @landlocked bride for posting that quote.

What did Harry say to William as Harry turned around to look at Catherine? “Wait till you see her.” So very sweet. Thanks to @stylemepretty for posting this.

Bride and Groom have made their way to Buckingham Palace.



Lots of happiness and love between William and Catherine: source:







What a lovely day not just for William and Catherine, but for Britain and the world. There is no denying that those two are truly in love and I wish them all of the best and blessings on their life together.


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