Royal Wedding Coverage: Guests are lining up, Doors opening

The nearly 1,900 wedding guests have begun to line up. On that list:
Elton John
Rowan Atkinson (the genius that is Mr. Bean and the inexperienced priest in Four Weddings and a Funeral)
Prime Minister David Cameron
Guy Ritchie
40 foreign royals from countries including Denmark, Norway, Spain, Thailand and Morocco
Prince William’s unit that he serves with in the RAF
Kate’s hometown mail carrier

My favorite thing about British weddings: they know how to dress for a wedding. The amazing hats and headpieces are just a lovely tradition as are morning coats for the gentlemen (my fiancee

Doors are opening! The first of the guests are entering and the nave is lined with an avenue maple trees that represent honesty and humility (they will be planted later). So beautiful and a grand statement. Two horn beams have been placed on either side of the high altar and represent resilience and strength. Seats are beginning to fill up.

Stay tuned.


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