Friday’s Favorite: Piscean Dreams Photography

This week’s Friday’s Favorite is near and dear to my heart. Eric Murphy of Piscean Dreams Photography is one of the very few photographer’s who can capture pictures/moments of my son where he is looking at the camera. My son has autism and Eric is able to make a connection with him like no other photographer I know. I have appreciated this talent and have witnessed the report Eric develops with his subjects and most importantly couples such as the handfasting photos below of my dear friends, Tana Marie and Bear (who happens to be my wonderful ex-husband and his awesome wife). It is for these reasons that my fiancee and me have chosen Eric as our personal wedding photographer. Here are examples of Eric’s work and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do:

A boudoir shot of my fabulous friend, Carry.

Rocky Mountain School of Dance A Christmas Story performance.

A child enjoying the magic of nature.

This is me (Kristen) getting caught touching up my makeup at a party.

This is the ring exchange during the handfasting of two of my best friends (he just happens to be my ex-husband).

You may kiss the bride!

My adorable son in the Mad Hatter costume I made him for a friend's birthday party.

2nd Place - Judged Monochrome Mile Hi Con 2006

2nd Place - Judged Color Mile Hi Con 2007

2 responses to “Friday’s Favorite: Piscean Dreams Photography

  1. Thank you so much for your review Kristen! I am honored by your words.

    For the record, anyone who mentions Parties by Kristen as a referral will receive a 15% percent discount on their next photography package. Email me or call me at (303) 229-8803 to schedule a sitting. Dates are filling up quick! Whether it’s weddings, events, receptions, family portraits, or senior portraits, or something else you might have in mind, I promise to give you pictures you will absolutely love, all in hi-resolution.

    I look forward to photographing you and your fiance Kristen coming up very, very soon. Your big day will be here before you know it. 🙂

    Thanks again,
    Eric Murphy
    Piscean Dreams Photography
    ~ Your Life, Your Memories

    • Thanks Eric! I’m so glad you liked it. Eric is an awesome photographer and I love how he captures the joy of love and those little moments that some photographer’s miss. Can’t wait to see what you shoot for mine and Damon’s wedding!

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