Theme Thursday: Sock Monkey

Looking for a non-cartoon influenced idea for a kids birthday party? An out of the ordinary baby shower? Know someone who loves a bit of nostalgia? How about sock monkeys?

Here is a bit of history on the nostalgic sock monkey: “The Red Heel® socks were first manufactured in 1890 by The Nelson Knitting Mills in Rockford Illinois. John Nelson came to this country from Sweden in 1852 with the Swedish immigrants stepping off the train in Rockford. The first sock knitting machines were patented by him in 1869. Incorporated in 1880, The Nelson Knitting Co. was the first company world wide to manufacture socks. These sturdy and comfortable work-socks were worn mainly by farmers and factory workers. In 1932, Nelson Knitting Mills first introduced the red heel on the Rockford sock, to distinguish their product from the many imitators.

The making of sock monkeys came about on its own by clever crafters using a humble sock to make a beloved toy. These quality sock were intended and used as work socks, but they became so much more when the Sock Monkey was born. In 1951 Nelson Knitting Mills started to include the directions for the Sock Monkeys with every pair of red Heel® Socks.

Nelson Knitting Mills was purchased by Fox River Mills in 1992 and now Fox River Mills continues the tradition and includes the original directions with every pair of Red Heel® Socks they manufacture.” –

A great little DIY-

A little inspiration





Sockee Monkee!


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