Friday’s Favorites: Anne Musing Designs

Today on Friday’s Favorites is the Etsy artist/shop, Anne Musing Designs. My love of Anne’s items came from a Google search for ideas for my own wedding. I came across her Feather Wishies (top left corner of the board below) and once I went to her shop, I not only found the Wishies, but some of the most unique poms I’ve ever seen. I particularly love the strawberry kissing ball.

From Anne’s Etsy profile:
“Greetings. I was born and raised in Connecticut, where I still reside. I come from a talented family. My maternal grandfather was a master carpenter. My paternal grandmother was an illustrator for a NYC firm in the 1930’s. Family members have also designed high grade wool “Persian” rugs, designed and made intricate lace as well as all kind of garments.

I have sewn since I was 8. I wasn’t much older when I began to do needlework. From that age on I either had a needle, crochet hook or paint brush in my hand.

I was Needlework Consultant for the now defunct Creative Expressions in the 1980’s. I taught people how to do crewel, needlepoint and quilting.

I designed and made costumes, with the help of my mother, for one of my high school plays. I also spent 5 years designing, making (and teaching parents with little experience how to be “creative and crafty”, decorations for our local All Night Graduation Party for High School Seniors. That was at least an 8 month commitment on my part. The school areas we used consisted of 10 rooms, 4 hallways and various entry ways and a courtyard.

I have done the decorations for numerous family and friend’s functions including graduations, anniversaries, wedding showers and weddings. I would like to branch out to the public.

I paint, sew, crochet, do party decorations, and make angels out of all mediums. I love the glue gun. I like to recycle materials, especially antique laces, buttons and ties. I will make whatever my “muse” inspires me to do.

Please, if you see an item you like, but want it slightly different, please email me. I like design challenges.

I love people. Love to laugh. Love to play. Live to create.”

Feedback from prior customers:
“Love working with Anne. Great experience and she makes wonderful items for my wedding. Thankee!”

“I was very happy with Anne’s service, pricing and her creative style. Her designs were just those small touches that make the over all look of the wedding special! Thank you.”

“I received these today and they are absolutely adorable. I was a little bit worried on how they would come out. I was uncertain what to expect but these are beyond anything I might ever have imagined. Thank you so very much, I can’t wait to use them on Sunday.”

FYI: I have sought permission from this vendor to use her products and her photos. Please do not use these photos for personal gain or copy the designs presented. These products are the livelihood, passion, and intellectual property of the artist and to copy these items or to use them for person gain is both highly unethical and in some cases is a violation of copyright law.

Parties by Kristen: Friday

Parties by Kristen: Friday

Parties by Kristen: Friday

Parties by Kristen: Friday

Parties by Kristen: Friday

Parties by Kristen: Friday

Parties by Kristen: Friday

Parties by Kristen: Friday

Parties by Kristen: Friday

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