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Monday’s Findings: Das Meyer aka Best Cake EVER

The blog has now returned to its regularly scheduled programming.

So, yesterday my fiancee and I went to a really great bridal show at the Lionsgate Event Center in Lafayette, CO. It was quite possibly the best bridal show I’ve been to in a really long time, especially if you are a foodie such as myself. I think there were eight or so caterers (on a side note, my fiancee loves my favorite caterer…so, that’s a big check off my list) and each and every one had a lot to offer.

In addition to the fabulous catering, there were some really great bakeries as well and that brings me to this week’s Monday’s Finding: Das Meyer. Of the four or five cake makers/artists there this was one I haven’t tried and OMG my life has been changed. I am a total frosting nut. For me, cake is a vehicle for frosting and I am extremely picky, especially when it comes to buttercream. FYI- buttercream frosting should be made with BUTTER! I have recently come across places trying to cheap out and make their “buttercream” with shortening…um, EW! I don’t want to feel like I have an oil slick in my mouth after eating your cake and if I do, you can guarantee that I’m not going to pass your info on to a client. Okay, I shall step off of my buttercream soap box now.

Anyhoo, one bite in to their signature Orange Blossom cake and I swear I was magically transported to cake heaven and I heard the angels signing and then became all warm and lit up inside. This was some seriously quality cake and as amazing as the cake was, the buttercream was like a private song from the archangel. It melted in my mouth with no greasy film left, the flavor was saturated, and best of all, not too sweet.

So, in talking with the baker’s (Dennis Meyer) wife, the reason why her husband’s buttercream is so amazing is that he gets cream delivered in 5 gallon containers and he makes his own butter. In addition to making his own butter, the frosting is made up of 30% butter. Seriously, the heaven thing…yep. that will be making an appearance at my own wedding.

According to the bakery’s website, “We have been awarded the prestigious “Best of Wedding Cakes” by The Knot in 2007, 2008, and 2009. Our wedding cakes have also been featured in Colorado Expressions, 5280, Confetti, The Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News. The owner, Dennis D. Meyer, has been baking since 1965 and is renowned as a Certified Executive Pastry Chef, Master Baker, and is also a member of the American Academy of Chefs. Dennis was named “Chef of the Year” in 1987. He has won numerous gold medals in culinary competitions, including “People’s Choice” and “Best of Show.” Das Meyer Fine Pastry Chalet has designed cakes and pastries for governors, senators, representatives, international dignitaries, presidents, local celebrities and professional athletic teams. In 2006 he was inducted into the Colorado Chefs Hall of Fame.” – http://www.dasmeyerpastry.com/recognition.html

Not only was Das Meyer’s cake delicious, but it was the best cake I have ever had (I’ve eaten a lot of cake in my time) and the cakes were beautiful too. Very skilled with regard to piping and the ability to make the buttercream surface so smooth that I initially thought they were fondant.

Needless to say, Das Meyer gets a huge thumbs up from me. I highly recommend that you not only peruse their website, but also consider them for your wedding, birthday party, bar mitzvah, etc.

To learn more about Dennis Meyer and his amazing cakes, please visit the bakery’s website by following this link: http://www.dasmeyerpastry.com/index.html or any of the highlighted links above.