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Royal Wedding Coverage: Finale: Hats, Kiss, Cakes, etc.

Well, I have to say that I quite enjoyed the Royal Wedding. I think my favorite aspect of the entire experience is finding out how Catherine and William put their personal touches wherever they could and I believe the cakes are the best illustration of that.

Wedding Cake: full of symbolism and tradition source: Getty Images

The cake creator and a full view of the cake. source:

Cake detail. source: Getty Images

Williams groom's cake made of chocolate biscuits. source: Royal Flickr Channel

Next in line are the hats, fascinators, and fashion. A wedding is an occasion to dress to the proverbial nines and in my opinion, no one does this better than the English. Here are a couple of my favorites.

Here we have not one, but two kisses on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. Many have reported on the quick pecks as not being enough, but I believe it was the right thing to do based on the occasion and the groom’s dislike of public displays of affection (he was blushing after both kisses). You can clearly see that this couple is in love and that is just lovely to see as illustrated by the accompanying pics.

The kiss. source:

On their way to Buckingham Palace:

Stealing a glance at one another during the ceremony source:

Here are the bride and groom at their receiving line. Oh, if you are reading this and are in the process of planning a wedding, a receiving line is a must do if you are not planning to mingle (and often miss your dinner) and speak to each guest at your reception. I’m old fashioned and I think that a receiving line is the best way to ensure you thank all of your guests.

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and the Duchess of Cambridge receiving their guests. source:

Catherine then changed in to a lovely modern gown for the receptions which followed the receiving line. It’s very simple, but elegant. Prince William sports a classic tuxedo.

Catherine's second gown was also designed by Sarah Burton for McQueen


Finally, we have their getaway. The getaway vehicle (an Aston Martin) was well done. A fun car with even a bit of “common” balloon decor.

The happy couple leaving in a classic Aston Martin. source:

"Just Wed" source:

I wish William and Catherine a happy marriage!

Friday’s Favorite: Piscean Dreams Photography

This week’s Friday’s Favorite is near and dear to my heart. Eric Murphy of Piscean Dreams Photography is one of the very few photographer’s who can capture pictures/moments of my son where he is looking at the camera. My son has autism and Eric is able to make a connection with him like no other photographer I know. I have appreciated this talent and have witnessed the report Eric develops with his subjects and most importantly couples such as the handfasting photos below of my dear friends, Tana Marie and Bear (who happens to be my wonderful ex-husband and his awesome wife). It is for these reasons that my fiancee and me have chosen Eric as our personal wedding photographer. Here are examples of Eric’s work and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do:

A boudoir shot of my fabulous friend, Carry.

Rocky Mountain School of Dance A Christmas Story performance.

A child enjoying the magic of nature.

This is me (Kristen) getting caught touching up my makeup at a party.

This is the ring exchange during the handfasting of two of my best friends (he just happens to be my ex-husband).

You may kiss the bride!

My adorable son in the Mad Hatter costume I made him for a friend's birthday party.

2nd Place - Judged Monochrome Mile Hi Con 2006

2nd Place - Judged Color Mile Hi Con 2007

Royal Wedding Coverage: Recessional and What Harry said and Pics

Registers: two for the chapel records, one for the royal records, and the marriage certificate. Taking place in private.

William is leading Catherine gently up the stairs.

The congregation is waiting while the choir sings “Blest Pair of Sirens” by Charles Hubert Hastings Perry.

Registers have been signed as the choir finishes singing.

The recessional begins!

In line with Royal Tradition, the bridal bouquet will end up on the Grave of the Unknown Warrior. -source: Clarence House

They bells are ringing and the crowd is cheering as the couple emerges from Westminster Abbey as their carriage awaits them. The carriage is a 109 year old State Landau horse drawn coach.

William told Kate’s father prior to the ceremony, “We were just supposed to have a small family affair.” Thanks to @landlocked bride for posting that quote.

What did Harry say to William as Harry turned around to look at Catherine? “Wait till you see her.” So very sweet. Thanks to @stylemepretty for posting this.

Bride and Groom have made their way to Buckingham Palace.



Lots of happiness and love between William and Catherine: source:







What a lovely day not just for William and Catherine, but for Britain and the world. There is no denying that those two are truly in love and I wish them all of the best and blessings on their life together.

Royal Wedding Coverage: The ring is on! Man and Wife! Program!

The ring is on and they have just been pronounced man and wife!

I am loving the looks between them. Very touching.

Taking their places for the remainder of the service.

Catherine’s brother is quite handsome. Looks run in the family. He’s doing a reading and if I were doing it, I’d completely freak out. Well done!

Love the choral music.

Lord Bishop of London delivering his charge to the couple. “The more we give of self, the richer we become in soul. The more we go beyond ourselves in love the more we become our true selves and our spiritual beauty is more truly revealed.”

I know some brides who are wishing they had cushy kneeling benches for their weddings. 😉

Sermon…coffee break (that’s okay, I can read it word for word in the program)

Oh boy, my ignorant American self just thought, “Oh, it’s the song from Four Weddings and a Funeral.” Sometimes I’m ashamed of myself.

Don’t forget, you can download your own copy of the official wedding program here:–Official-programme–including-Order-of-Service–available-online-1

More to come.

Royal Wedding Coverage: The bride has arrived! Processional

My first reaction: Goosebumps! YES! Sarah Burton Alexander McQueen! Wow! A line, lace top with long sleeves and a v-neck. Sensible train. Cathedral length in ivory and white satin. She is wearing the Queen’s Halo tiara (made in 1936). She is so beautiful. Just lovely and simple elegance as I stated in my reaction to the decor at Westminster Abbey. Her father looks so proud.

William and Harry are making their way to the high altar. They are all processing to “I Was Glad” by Charles Hubert Hastings Perry.

The maids and page boys are just too cute as Pippa leads them behind Kate.

Harry just turned around and smiled at Kate and then said something to Will…very cute.

Kate’s mother is beginning to tear up.

The bride is led beside her groom and they are both grinning from ear to ear. Seems to be a lot of emotion and definitely chemistry between them. Definitely different from the faces I saw at Diana and Charles’ wedding as a child.

Kate’s father is smiling and talking to William.

You can tell that this is a couple madly in love. It looks like they are trying to restrain themselves from jumping in to each other’s arms. This is the royal wedding that Britain has been waiting for and so richly deserves.

Royal Wedding Coverage: Bridal Party- MOH, maids, and page boys

MOH (Kate’s sister Pippa) and maids are in a very light pink. Boys are in little uniforms (sorry, don’t know what to call them, I’m American, please forgive me).

Royal Wedding Coverage: The bride is coming!

Kate has made her way in to the car and is on her way to Westminster Abbey. The train is said to be heavy, looks like long sleeves, v neck, lace. Looks like lilly of the valley in her bouquet. I know Kate has chosen the flowers and decor with their meanings in mind. Hair is half up, half down.