UNITE TO HELP: For Japan With Love

Those affected by the disaster in Japan still need our help. Please consider making a donation to For Japan With Love. The proceeds will be donated to ShelterBox. For Japan With Love has raised over $60,000 thus far and even $1 helps.

“We’ve all seen the images and videos rolling in of the devastation from the Japan earthquake and tsunamis. While aftershocks and tsunami scares are still happening days later, the nation is in for a long long road of recovery. So far, the death toll is estimated to be over 10,000. In just one town, 9,500 are missing. And 660,000 are living in shelters. Not only do the survivors have to suffer the loss of loved ones, but as temperatures fall, electricity, water and food are now scarce to none. Many have tried to go back to their homes and to start picking up the pieces, only to find the tsunamis have plowed their homes down and there is literally nothing for them to come home to. Convenience stores have lines hours long and a limit of 10 items to each person. The second crisis has only begun and so many are left helpless.”- http://www.forjapanwithlove.com/about.html

Here is a video of ShelterBox in action:

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