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Etsy Virtual Bridal Show: Jewelry

Welcome to the Etsy Virtual Bridal Show with links for readers to donate to Wish Upon a Wedding and For Japan With Love.

Wish Upon a Wedding is a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) organization that provides weddings and vow renewals to couples facing terminal illness or other serious life-altering circumstances, regardless of sexual orientation. Often, couples facing such situations do not have the energy, time, money, or resources needed to plan their wedding. Our organization takes care of all the details, offering couples a chance to relax and enjoy a very special day while surrounded by the love of their closest family and friends.” -www.wishuponawedding.org

When I originally came up with this idea, it was solely to benefit Wish Upon a Wedding. However, given the recent disaster in Japan, I am aware that some viewers might want to donate their funds toward relief efforts. Well, thanks to Utterly Engaged and Ever Ours, the wedding and event blogging world is coming together to support For Japan With Love. “For Japan With Love has a direct link on the website to our fundraising page for ShelterBox. ShelterBox was one of THE first organizations asked by Japan to help and were on hand on the Saturday after the quake. Each large, green ShelterBox is tailored to a disaster but typically contains a disaster relief tent for an extended family, blankets, water storage and purification equipment, cooking utensils, a stove, a basic tool kit, a children’s activity pack and other vital items.” -http://www.utterlyengaged.com/please-help-for-japan-with-love-update/

No matter where you direct your donation, be it Wish Upon a Wedding or For Japan With Love, you will be making a difference in the lives of those facing life’s most difficult of circumstances. If you are unable to donate monetarily, your thoughts and prayers will truly touch the hearts and lives of those affected. I send my thoughts, prayers, and strength to those affected by such life altering circumstances.

While I am a volunteer with Wish Upon a Wedding and a participant with For Japan With Love, Parties by Kristen is not affiliated with Wish Upon a Wedding or For Japan With Love in any other capacity and is not an official representative of Wish Upon a Wedding or For Japan With Love. In addition, Parties by Kristen is not affiliated with Etsy or the vendors featured and is not an official representative of Etsy or of each of these vendors. I am simply a fan of these artists/vendors and a volunteer with a passion for what I do and for organizations I have chosen to donate my time and finances to. I have sought permission from each and every vendor featured to use their products and their photos. Please do not use these photos for personal gain or copy the designs presented. These products are the livelihood, passion, and intellectual property of each artist and to copy these items or to use them for person gain is both illegal and unethical.

Our first jewelry artisan is Sol Bijou. “My love of jewelry began when I was a child and through the years this love turned into a burning desire to create unique jewelry for beautiful women around the world. In 1996 I began crafting unique pieces for friends and family. The demand for my creations was so great that, in 2008, this hobby turned into my occupation.” “Maricel has been incredible to work with! Her pieces are amazing, and I am so grateful to have found her to make very special gifts for my bridesmaids! Thank you, Maricel, for your time and talent! I am so happy!”

Next, we have Kathi of Vintage Inspired Jewelry. Kathi says this about her work, “When I step Into my studio I am able to create pieces from my heart, my mind goes places that I’ve never been. I see colors and textures merging Into one and my little creations are born.” “I am so happy with the ring colors I chose for my bridesmaids. They all turned out beautiful. I love the size of the flower and the brass ring is pretty too. I am so excited to gift these to my wonderful bridesmaids. I had the girls choose their favorite color from a list I gave them, so they are all getting a different color. They will look perfect with beachy theme :)”

Here we have Beads Story, which features vintage inspired jewelry made from vintage bits and bobs. “Such an exquisite silver necklace! It will go with everything so looking forward to showing it off. Customer service is A-1! Happy to recommend this seller as there will be no disappointment here.”

QA Create is our next artisan who “specializes in niche artisan-made jewelry. We try to create jewelry with an edge and style, recycling lost and forgotten items into something fashionable.” “I LOVE them! I am giving them to my fiance for our wedding day – this way he can show a little bit of his own style. He loves Captain America. They look great!! Thank you!!”

Next we have Little Blue Studio. In reference to her art, Maria Louise says, “I am sure it’s genetic…if I do not make something every single day with my hands I will expire. I come from a family of building builders, Singer sew-ers and garden growers. Hands make magic.” “Maria is fabulous!!! I ordered 7 flower brooches for the bridesmaids in my wedding 2 matching headbands for the flower girls and a large flower for my hair and the whole process was a pleasure. Maria wanted to make sure I got exactly what I wanted and through great communication with samples and pictures, etc. along the way, she exceeded my expectations. THANK YOU!!!”

Here we have Renaissance Jewelry. “Renaissance Jewelry is new to Etsy, but we have been around for years. We manufacture titanium jewelry by hand at discounted prices to help you save!” “This is an absolutely gorgeous ring and we are so happy with our choice (it is my partner’s wedding ring). Even better in person!”

Next on the show is EDM Desgins. Ricky says, “You will find designs and jewelry pieces that touch the spirit of those with an appreciation for the lifestyle and old world adornments of the vintage eras. Influenced by my utmost respect for the brilliant and skilled craftsmanship of vintage watch movements, master artisans of yesteryear hand created these intricate and fascinating little worlds of synchronicity and artistic beauty. To be able to repurpose them and allow these mini landscapes of art find new life in today’s times gives me tremendous pleasure.” “Ricky at Edmdesigns was absolutely lovely to work with. He made me the most beautiful necklace for my wedding day and the staff was super friendly on updating me. I’ve never had a more accommodating seller and such a pleasant purchase. Thank you so very much!”

Our next artisan is Jewelry by Johan. Jewelry by Johan specializes in wedding bands made out of truly unique and stunning materials such as meteorite. “What a beautiful work of art. We couldn’t be happier with this unique and special purchase. Thanks a lot!”

Darcy George of True Rebel Clothing has this to say about her creations, “I have always had a passion for Paris and the Parisian look. I have designed a new jewelry, and Accessory line with the french country Parisian Theme. Hope you enjoy looking and buying as much as I have enjoyed creating.” One of her customers had this to say about her purchase: “Holy cow! I love this necklace! The seller put it in the mail immediately. Beautifully crafted! First day wearing it, and I’ve already received seven compliments. Can’t wait to order more things!”

After Dark Jewelry
creates handmade romantic Victorian jewelry, accessories for bride, bridesmaids, special occasion jewelry, wedding, custom, renaissance, and medieval inspired jewelery. “I have been passionately designing and crafting my own unique jewelry items since early childhood, slowly honing my creative style over a 20 year period. After Dark Jewelry is the culmination of a life-long dream: to develop an artistic business based on uplifting, inspiring and adorning the female form. My goal throughout the creative process is to encourage women to be bold, daring, and utterly extraordinary — to embrace their own unique qualities, both inside and out.” An After Dark customer says, “This is hands down the most beautiful necklace I have ever or will ever own. I am so glad you came into my life so that we could both share in each others beauty. I loved working with you and hope your life is magical, like the art you make. Thanks I love it and am proud to be its new owner. Happy walking girl.”

Next, we have Hengameh of Toranj Design. “I love to combine all my talents and abilities in my creations and I hope you see them as a piece of art not only a piece of jewelry. Art and fashion is my passion, my life & I thank you for the opportunity to do it every day” “I purchased “royal highness” a couple of weeks ago, wore it to a charity ball and received SO MANY compliments on it. Even Miss America stopped me to tell me that “Your dress is lovely, but I LOVE your necklace!” So thank you, thank you ToranjDesign! I’ll be shopping with you often!”

Yutal Jewelry Fusion is our next Etsy vendor. “With a view to fusion between east and west, old and new, traditional work-tools with technological innovations,diverse metals with semi-precious stones. Our creation is the result of two artists who live and create together,but grew up and were raised in different cultures. Diane was trained as a classical jeweler and formed a strong affinity for “Art Deco”, whereas Ehud is a scion of eight generations of Yemenite filigree jewelers.” “You are right. This is the most comfortable ring ever! I am wearing it as my alternative wedding band. It is so beautiful!”

Azure Treasures’ shop is approaching it’s third year on Etsy and is run by a stay at home mom who not only has beautiful designs available immediately in her shop, but also does custom work. “I love my necklace and earrings! They are perfect for my wedding day. Thanks so much!”

Now for the Bohemian bride, we have Gypsy Moon Designs. “Gypsy Moon Designs has been creating jewelry since 1994. I lived in the busy San Francisco Bay Area and longed for a slower more creative life. So I packed my bags and moved to the Land of Enchantment, New Mexico. The light of the high desert has this amazing golden glow, and the sky is so blue you feel like you can touch heaven. Under this sky I found the creativity I so longed for!” “My sweetheart and i LOVE these! the antiquing, the colors, the sun motif – can’t wait to wear them on the coast, but going to wear them now to carry that bit of sunshine with me everywhere. 🙂 Gypsymoondesigns is the perfect combo of professional – done to every exquisite detail – and person – she is simply the best! and takes care to exceed customer satisfaction every time. Etsy is lucky to have her!”

Finally, we have Ilan, Oded and Ev of Artisan Look have this to say about their work, “We dedicate ourselves to our creativity and skills through drawing, sculpting and handmade jewelry. We have developed techniques that resonate powerfully through our contemporary jewelry designs, with the craftsmanship and detail of old Yemeni and Middle Eastern cultures, creating a distinct look to each piece of jewelry. By working with sterling silver, gold and gemstones we create an unconventional mixture of contemporary and ethnic designs.” In addition to Artisan Look, they have other shops featuring their beautiful craft: Artisan Impact(sterling and mixed gold), Silver Crush (sterling silver), and Artisan Field (14K gold filled designs). “Wonderful wedding ring for husband-to-be! The rings are even more beautiful than imagined. Thank you so much!”