Tips or Trends Tuesday

Today’s Tips or Trends Tuesday is a tip that will help you protect the investment you have made in your wedding. A couple of months ago, I came across an advertisement for wedding insurance. Brilliant! Think of those folks you see on those wedding disaster type clip shows and the nightmare they had to endure on their wedding day. What would happen if that were you? What if instead of a natural disaster or a fire, your caterer that you’ve paid to feed all of your guests doesn’t show up? Would you wish you had a way to recoup your expenses?

A wedding is a significant investment. In the US, the average wedding costs around $25,000. On this day you rely on your vendors to complete what you have contracted them to do and to deliver on the dream you and your fiancee have planned. If things don’t go according to plan and you haven’t protected that $25,000 investment you don’t have much recourse other than to go to court (if it’s a vendor issue) or to save up that money again and re-plan a whole other wedding (in the case of a natural disaster).

Today’s post is a link to Boho Weddings and Events’ piece done by guest blogger Adam Leyton of Top Table Planner and Compare Wedding Insurance. While this article is about wedding insurance in the UK, it does contain valuable information regarding wedding insurance. I have included links below to US wedding insurance providers.

The Importance of Wedding Insurance

Protect My Wedding
Wedding Insurance


One response to “Tips or Trends Tuesday

  1. Thanks for the mention and link to my guest blog post on Kelly’s blog. 🙂

    Yes, with the average wedding both here in the UK and in the US probably being the third most expensive purchase you’re likely to make, wedding insurance is becoming more and more important.

    The reasons for taking out wedding insurance (cancellation, liability, supplier failure, extreme weather etc) are pretty much the same wherever you are and I’ve not really seen much of a difference between UK and US policies. Liqor (I think I’ve got the US spelling right!) liability isn’t really an issue here but I’ve seen it included in many US wedding insurance policies and I’ve even seen one US insurer that will provide cover for ‘cold feet’!

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