Friday’s Favorites: Unusual Sweets

Sweets tables and candy bars are fast becoming party, event and wedding staples rather than a trend. Typically, the sweets are coordinated with the color or them of the event or are family favorites. Are you are looking for something out of the ordinary for your event’s sweets table or candy bar? Here are some of my favorite unusual sweets as well as where you can get them:

Top row (l to r):
Sprinkles Cakeshooters:
Stuffed Marshmallows:

Middle row (l to r):
Carrot Cake Cocoa Butter Caramels:
Sherbet Fountain:—Pack-of-3
Candied Bacon: pic from:, recipe:, order unusual candied bacon confections:

Bottom row (l to r):
Red Fire Chocolate Tortilla Chips:
Filipino Puto (rice buns): pic from:, recipe:
Rose Infused Aphrodite Brownies:

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