Tips or Trends Tuesday: A Blogger’s Mistake

Well, this morning I made a big mistake in posting what I thought was a trackback and giving credit to the original author etc. What I posted instead was her entire post with the trackback and credit. So, I made a HUGE beginner’s mistake and unfortunately offended the author. I am always one to own up to doing something stupid when I do it and I want to send a great big apology to Rock N Roll Bride for what happened.

For those of you beginning bloggers, don’t make the same mistake that I did. If you like someone’s content and are new to blogging, you need to preview your post before you publish it to make sure the entire article is not copied in to your post. I thought that by doing a trackback and giving credit that I was doing my due diligence and unfortunately, I hadn’t and I offended my favorite blogger.

Again, my apologies and I appreciate that you let me know that what I did was not okay. I learned a very valuable lesson today and am truly sorry for what happened.


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