Daily Archives: February 18, 2011

Friday’s Favorites: DIY

Do it yourself projects are making a comeback, especially in the world of weddings and social events. Why am I as a planner and designer featuring DIY projects? DIY projects fit within my philosophy of “Creating Memories That Last A Lifetime.” Often, the act of creating something that you or your loved ones have made with your/their own hands works to create a meaningful experience tied to your wedding or event. If it’s you and your mom, you and your bridesmaids, or just you working to create even just one element of your event, it will be special and will become a conversation piece during your wedding, birthday party, etc.

Can you DIY and still use a planner? Of course. It’s my job as a planner to make sure the vision you have for your special day becomes a reality. You may have done all of the centerpieces, but it’s my job to make sure they are on the tables and featured in the way in which you want them. With that said, here are some of my favorite DIY projects floating around on the Net:

Lacy Votive Holders, Fortune Cookie Favors, Mason Jar Lanterns

Paper Favor Cones, Bird Cake Topper, Moss Centerpieces

Sea Glass Candy, Seating Cards, Paper Flower Bouquets