Tips or Trends Tuesday: Uncooperative Relatives and Wedding Planning

What do you mean you aren’t serving alcohol? You’re not wearing white? You are going to have one more bridesmaid than groomsmen? You aren’t getting married in a church? Our family has a tradition of all wearing great great grandmother Maude’s wedding dress, what do you mean you’re buying a dress? If you do any of the above, I’m not coming to your wedding.

We all have family that hold true to traditions or who want to let you know what they think makes a wedding. Weddings bring up a great deal of emotion for everyone involved and even more opinions to exceed that emotion. While you may hope that your loved ones would understand that it’s your and your fiancee’s day and would allow you to have that day in the way you both wish it to happen, unfortunately that isn’t always the case. You may experience everything from disagreement to an out and out boycott of your wedding.

A good while ago, “Rock n Roll Bride” had some advice for a bride who’s grandmother did not approve of her wedding attire. Here is the link: How to…Deal with Uncooperative Relatives


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