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Tips or Trends Tuesday: Are you a Bridezilla

Today’s tips and trends are brought to you by the One Dress One Day blog via Bride Tweet: 10 Signs You’re Turning In To a Bridezilla. Today I will post the first five as the author will not be posting the remaining five until tomorrow. I will post the rest of them as they become available, so that means I will likely have two posts tomorrow.

Most of us do not want to be Bridezilla, but with all the stress from wedding planning it is easy to fall into zilla land. Here are 10 signs that you are turning into a bridezilla… and tips to keep you from it.

10: You’re Spending Your Parents into the Poorhouse
Your parents have said that they will help pay for the wedding, great! Now everything you can get everything you ever wished for on your wedding day….designer wedding dress, the best photographer in town, $100 centerpieces for all 30 tables, custom invitations from New York. The only problem is your parent’s may have to get a second mortgage to pay for all of it.
Stop: If this sounds like you, pause all the wedding planning and ask your parents how much they are willing to put towards your wedding. Once you have a set budget, figure out 3 things that is most important to you, and then build everything else into your budget from there.

9: You’re Angry
Everyone is starting annoy you. Your fiancée can’t do anything right, you are always getting mad at your bridesmaids.
Most likely the stress from the wedding planning is getting to you, and its not everyone else’s fault. You might want to think about finding a wedding planner, or someone else to help you take on all the planning.

8: The Pictures Must Be Perfect
We all want great pictures on our wedding day, but that is no reason to get rid of people in your bridal party if they aren’t going to look perfect in your pictures. You want the people who are most important to you to be in your pictures and it should matter if they are heavy, have bad acne, or are pregnant.

7: Your Bridesmaids Defriend You
Are your bridesmaids avoiding you? If it seems like your friends are no longer being your friends it’s probably because you have demanded too much from them. Yes they are supposed to help you but they are not expected to be at every meeting, and help with ever wedding detail.

6: You Don’t Have Time for Anyone (or Anything) Else
Is all your time filled with wedding planning? Do you think that everyone around you should put off everything for your wedding? If you answered yes to either of these then you may be becoming a bridezilla. There is more to life then wedding planning, so don’t forget about other aspects of your life. Also don’t forget to build foundations for your marriage… all the preparation and planning should not be just for your wedding day.

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