Trash the Dress: Trends

A wedding trend that I hope is not going to go away: trash the dress. What is trash the dress? Trash the dress is a photography shoot after one’s wedding (typically) where the subject wears their dress as part of the shoot and it’s often in an out of the ordinary situation/scenario. In most shoots, the dress is essentially ruined by: jumping in the ocean, rolling around in the mud, painted on, graffiti is done on, food fight, etc. It’s for brides who are definitely edgy and realize that spending all that money to preserve a dress you and your daughter are not likely to ever wear again. It is also known as “rock the frock” and “fearless bridal.” Here are some of my favorite shoots and please visit the photographers websites listed below and consider hiring them for your event:


One response to “Trash the Dress: Trends

  1. I love trash the dress shoots… i just couldn’t bare trashing my own wedding dress. hehe. i bought a cheap wedding dress and used that for an engagement shoot before my wedding where we “trashed” it. ^_^

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