Monster High Birthday

A couple of months ago at a birthday party for my friend’s daughter, I discovered Monster High. Where was this show and it’s assorted dolls when I was a kid? Back in my day we had to alter Barbies to have punk rock monster dolls and we liked it! In my case, I loved it, but my mom who bought the Barbies was not so thrilled when I cut Barbie’s hair and used markers to color said hair a rainbow of colors.

Monster High is more than just dolls, it’s also an animated series. Tweens and teens are loving the show and it’s related dolls like crazy and the stores (at least in my area) are having a hard time keeping them in stock. So, if your kiddo is in love with Monster High, why not have a Monster High themed party? Here is a bit of Monster High inspiration for you:

Pluff Mudd Studio

Pluff Mudd Studio


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