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Curious George Birthday- No More Holiday/Birthday combos!

This is the time of year that kids who were born so close to the holidays sometimes get overlooked. From now on I declare a moratorium on combination Christmas/Birthday, Hanukkah/Birthday, Thanksgiving/Birthday, etc. parties! I grew up in a family where each and every person’s birthday was special, unique, and celebrated individually. My mom was always doing special things for my sisters and me on our special days. My birthday philosophy is that one’s birthday is “International Worship Me Day.” So, for a kiddo who loves art and/or Curious George, whether his or her birthday is around the holidays or not, here is a bit of inspiration:

Lady Gaga: Black and White Party

This is a set inspired by Lady Gaga in a black and white theme. This theme would be great for a Sweet 16 type party or any sort of party for Gaga fans. Of course you can’t do a Lady Gaga set without using a bit of Alexander McQueen (RIP).

PPQ Yasmin Stripe Dress
298 GBP –
Silk dress »

A.McQueen Cocktail Ring
$395 –
Skull ring »

Lets talk Cake!! Post a Pic*

A New to Me Cake Designer- Lorinda Seto

While perusing the vast reaches of the Internet for inspiration board items, I came across several cakes by Lorinda Seto. Lorinda is an award winning cake artist who does some of the most amazing fondant work I’ve ever seen.

“After graduating with an Arts/Law degree from the University of Sydney, I practiced as a commercial lawyer for a number of years before decamping to London where I worked at one of the world’s largest law firms. Upon returning to Australia, I worked in the criminal law and justice sector.

Yet I was convinced that there was unrealized creative potential within me and longed to find an outlet to channel my passion, whatever that might be. Some of those near and dear to me suggested that I was mad to quit law. But my heart wasn’t in it, and when a friend who knew how much I liked baking entrusted me to make her wedding cake, I discovered that a cake was not simply flour, butter and eggs. It was an art form with sugar as the medium! I was hooked on the process of making something really beautiful from scratch, which was entirely edible. Less than two years after taking up a piping bag, I won my first prize in the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

My distinctive hallmark is the mastery of traditional cake decorating techniques such as piping, lace work and fondant appliqué to create modern and spectacular edible works of art. Inspired by textiles, homewares, interior design, beautiful typography, stationery, vintage chic and nature, I love to make original customised celebration cakes, from intricate romantic piped designs made to resemble fine lace, to bold and whimsical contemporary centrepieces.”

Lorinda Seto » Big Cakes

Lorinda Seto » Big Cakes

Lorinda Seto » Big Cakes

Lorinda Seto » Cupcakes

Lorinda Seto » Cupcakes

Lorinda Seto » Big Cakes

Bollywood Birthday

Embrace the bright colors, intricate patterns, and fun atmosphere that is Bollywood. This theme is great for adults or teens (think Sweet 16, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, and Quince). Have henna artists decorate your guests, a dance troop, rich foods, and a mocktail bar utilizing exotic ingredients for those underage.

Viking Wedding- No, not a theme wedding

Part of my cultural history includes Saxon roots and in exploring those roots, I thought it might be interesting to post a wedding that celebrates the traditions of my ancestors.

Source for pictures not listed above:

Trash the Dress: Trends

A wedding trend that I hope is not going to go away: trash the dress. What is trash the dress? Trash the dress is a photography shoot after one’s wedding (typically) where the subject wears their dress as part of the shoot and it’s often in an out of the ordinary situation/scenario. In most shoots, the dress is essentially ruined by: jumping in the ocean, rolling around in the mud, painted on, graffiti is done on, food fight, etc. It’s for brides who are definitely edgy and realize that spending all that money to preserve a dress you and your daughter are not likely to ever wear again. It is also known as “rock the frock” and “fearless bridal.” Here are some of my favorite shoots and please visit the photographers websites listed below and consider hiring them for your event:

Monster High Birthday

A couple of months ago at a birthday party for my friend’s daughter, I discovered Monster High. Where was this show and it’s assorted dolls when I was a kid? Back in my day we had to alter Barbies to have punk rock monster dolls and we liked it! In my case, I loved it, but my mom who bought the Barbies was not so thrilled when I cut Barbie’s hair and used markers to color said hair a rainbow of colors.

Monster High is more than just dolls, it’s also an animated series. Tweens and teens are loving the show and it’s related dolls like crazy and the stores (at least in my area) are having a hard time keeping them in stock. So, if your kiddo is in love with Monster High, why not have a Monster High themed party? Here is a bit of Monster High inspiration for you:

Pluff Mudd Studio

Pluff Mudd Studio