Daily Archives: October 29, 2010

Wedding After Parties- Exploring the Trend

Wedding after parties are a growing trend. Why host an after party? Well, you may have friends and family who do not consume alcohol and those who do. Rather than offend or make a segment of your guests uncomfortable, you can have a dry reception and then party in to the night afterward with an open bar for those who want to party all night long. Another reason, you may not be leaving for your honeymoon right away and want to celebrate until the sun comes up, but still want your guests to have the option of going home or for the rest to continue the party. There are many other reasons for hosting an after party and pretty much one rule: If you have invited people to the wedding and reception, they should be invited to the after party as well.

Ideas for your after party include renting a party bus to take your guests from the reception location to the after party location; if your after party is close to the the reception site, you could do a Second Line parade a la Louisiana style; rent a hospitality suite in the same hotel your guests are staying at; am evening BBQ for a morning wedding; midnight milk and cookie bar; or organize a pub crawl of historic pubs/bars in your area.

Here’s a little inspiration for you: