Wish Upon a Wedding: In honor of my mother

Yesterday I found out that my mother’s clinical trial for her liver cancer did not work as expected and that she has started on chemotherapy. For those who know me, you know how close I am to my mom and that she is more than my mom, she is my best friend and confidante. My mother is experiencing a battle with a third type of cancer in less than a year. First it was endometrial cancer, then gallbladder cancer, and now liver cancer as a result of the gallbladder cancer. This is a very serious sort of cancer and we are praying and believing that she will be healed. My father fought a battle with bladder cancer five years ago and was not expected to live, but he beat the odds and I hope that my mom will do the same with her cancer.

My mom and I believe in a very special charity called Wish Upon a Wedding. Wish Upon a Wedding provides weddings and vow renewals for people facing terminal illness or or other life changing circumstances regardless of religious affiliation or sexual orientation. My challenge to you dear readers is this: I will shave my head if you all make donations to Wish Upon a Wedding in honor of my mother, Ema Sherman. Every little bit counts and this will really touch my mom in a special way.

To donate to Wish Upon a Wedding, please go here: http://wishuponawedding.org/how-to-help/make-a-contribution/. In the Paypal notes section, please put “In honor of Ema Sherman” and then email me at partiesbykristen@hotmail.com so that I can inform Wish Upon a Wedding so they can send her an honor card. Thanks so much everyone and I will be posting pictures of my haircut in the next day or so.


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