Tana Marie and Jon’s Engagement Celebration

On October 1, 2010, in anticipation of their wedding I will also plan and coordinate, I had the privilege of coordinating the engagement celebration of Tana Marie Sjoquist and Jon “Bear” Gosnell. A little bit of background may help you understand how thrilled I was to witness the commitment of this couple. Jon, is one of my closest and dearest friends who also happens to be my ex-husband. He and I share a beautiful six-year-old son. We have stayed close friends and I have embraced his new bride, Tana Marie, in to our unconventional, but loving family. So, if you have wondered what sort of Wedding and Event Planner I am, I hope this story and the images I present here are a reflection of the integrity and personal touch I give to my brides and grooms no matter their budget, religion, sexual orientation, gender orientation, etc. I am looking forward to October 2, 2011 when Tana Marie and Jon will be legally wed in their pirate themed wedding.

Thanks goes especially to Eric Murphy of Piscean Dreams Photography. I highly recommend Eric as not only are his images beautiful, but he has a talent for capturing those unrehearsed special moments.

Candy bar and peacock centerpieces were created by myself, Parties by Kristen. Bouquets and corsages were created by Hope Reynolds.

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