Bridesmaid Dresses: Under $150

In American culture, the bridesmaid pays for her dress. Given that fact, it only seems right to respect your bridesmaid’s budget. I myself have spent over $250 just on the dress for a friend’s wedding and that was a huge financial sacrifice on my part. Your bridesmaids can still look great, even in a dress that costs under $150. Here are just a few dresses that not only look good, but the price certainly respects a bridesmaid’s budget:


2 responses to “Bridesmaid Dresses: Under $150

  1. It’s a lot for a dress. Is it worth it?

    • $150 is considered fairly reasonable for a bridesmaid dress here in the US. I noticed that you are in the UK. I know in the UK, the couple typically pays for the bridesmaid dresses, but in the US it is tradition for the bridesmaids and groomsmen to pay for their own attire. In watching shows from the UK like “Don’t Tell the Bride,” I get the impression that in the UK, appropriate dresses are readily available in department stores where here in the US, bridesmaid dresses are typically purchased in bridal stores like David’s Bridal and other bridal salons. Personally, I like the UK tradition and would love it if suitable dresses were more readily available. Thanks for your comment.

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