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A Bothersome Trend: Fish

As I peruse wedding boards, event ideas, etc. I notice a trend that is a little bit bothersome: using live fish as decoration.

I’m going to be totally honest and up front about this subject. In my experience maintaining a home aquarium, not only is it cruel to the fish who have a hard enough time surviving in pet stores, much less the trip from the pet store to your home and then being in an untreated bowl of tap water in a small bowl at your reception.

Fish respond to trauma and their response is…they die. I have had fish die on the way to my home to be put in my aquarium. There is a reason why the experts at the store tell you to not dump them directly in to your aquarium and to place them in to the water (still in the baggie) for about 1/2 hour prior to dumping them in the aquarium. When put in to your aquarium, you are putting them in to water that is treated for the correct ph, chlorine eliminated, etc. Dumping them in to a bowl of untreated tap water in to a small bowl is just asking for trouble. Do you really want dead fish floating around your tablescape?

In addition to fish death by trauma, have you thought about what the guests at your reception might do? What happens if they knock over a bowl? What happens if they pick the fish out of the bowl? What are you going to do with the fish once the reception is over? Do you have plans to take care of them? If using them as a favor, are you assuming your guests will take them home and take care of them?

If you want to have the reflection of water and candlelight at your reception, consider putting a large flower inside the bowl, glass marbles, sea glass, etc. If you still want the look of a fish, consider some of the excellent faux fish that are available. Here are some examples of alternative ideas:

Calla Bowl: http://ashleysbrideguide.com/the_wedding_scohttps://bellememorie.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=496&action=edit&message=1op/article/rhonda-patton-shares-peek-into-abg-brides-wedding/
Rose Bowl: http://www.hitched.co.uk/Chat/forums/t/116801.aspx
Fish Gel Candle Bowl: http://gelcandlecompany.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=33_64
White Fish Bowl: http://www.dargate.com/cat/244_auction/244_images/244day1.htm
Blown Glass Fish (purple/blue/yellow/orange): http://www.glassrave.com/fish.html
Trio of Blown Glass Fish: http://www.kevinfultonglass.com/g_fish03.html
Candle Bowl with Orchids: http://www.morgansofchigwell.co.uk/Arrangements.htm
Footed Glass Fish: http://www.glassrave.com/fish.html