Art and Artist Facebook Challenge 4: Frida Kahlo

When Miriam asked me to base an event on Frida Kahlo’s, “What the Water Told Me,” I have to admit my first thought was, “How in the world can I made a wedding or any event out of a painting that illustrates Frida’s personal tragedies?” With a good deal of brain storming, I had it: a fundraiser for the Neuropathy Action Foundation. It is suspected that Frida also had spina bifida in addition to the injuries sustained from a horrible accident and a bout with polio. All of those physical tragedies left Frida in horrible pain and neuropathy. This event celebrates Frida Kahlo as well as her culture. My idea for the sugar skulls pictured is that celebrities and well known personalities would decorate sugar skulls to be auctioned off.

Copper Charger | Decorative Accessories
$139 –

Red Devil Sugar Skull
Tops »

Rodrigvitz Style:

One response to “Art and Artist Facebook Challenge 4: Frida Kahlo

  1. That really is a great idea! It’s always nice when you can plan things like this to the benefit of others that are in need! Also, personally, I think that some of the things in that picture that you have would work very well along with my western wall decor, in my vacation cabin.

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