Having Kids at Your Wedding?


If you do decide to have kids at your wedding, here are some great ways to get them involved in the wedding day.

Children can truly bring a wedding to life. Their energy, smiles, and dance moves can make for great photos, video, and laughter during and long after the wedding ends.

If you do decide to invite little ones to your wedding there are a few ways to let that be known. On both the inner and outer envelopes of the wedding invitation, address the recipients as “The Johnson Family,” for example. For a single parent, you may also choose to word it as “Pam Johnson and family.” Or, if the children are old enough, you can include each guest individually on both envelopes.

If kids are in abundance at the event you may consider including a separate insert to the invitation or listing information on your wedding website about on-site babysitters to assist parents during the reception.

And on to the next point: hire a nanny service for the night! The minimal expense will save you and your guests from maximum irritation on the big day. However, it’s not just supervision that you want to consider when celebrating with kids. To ensure the event runs smoothly and tantrum-free, purchase some inexpensive games, basic arts and craft projects (that won’t damage the room or clothing), and movies or other forms of entertainment. Make sure the staff interacts with the children and keeps them busy with an array of activities. Ask your venue for a list of bonded and recommended companies or look locally for services that specialize in weddings, such as The Little Guest.

You may also inquire with your caterer about lower cost kids’ meals and a separate table(s). Children often have allergies or a dislike for common wedding menu items, so opt for something basic that they are used to eating in order to keep them happy (and perhaps save a little money in the process.) Dessert time is a great opportunity to have a little fun with the kids and bring in a themed treat. From a cotton candy machine to an ice cream sundae station, the opportunities are endless and the adults can enjoy too.

When setting the children’s table be sure to ask your venue, caterer, or rental company if they can provide a smaller, shorter table with children’s chairs, booster seats, and/or high chairs if needed. Bring the party to their level and keep them having fun all night long.

Speaking of fun, don’t forget that kids love to dance and will bring a great deal of welcomed energy to the crowd if given the opportunity. So, if you decide to invite them, be sure to let them express themselves freely and they will help give you an event you will never forget.


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