For my Mommy: Liver Cancer Gala

Cholangiocarcinoma…I hate that word. Unfortunately, my beautiful mother has been diagnosed with it. What you read about it online is frightening, but I know my mother and I know her faith and the power of healing that faith can cause.

A little over five years ago, my father had bladder cancer and was told he was going to die. Note to doctors: NEVER tell a Sherman the end is near or that we can’t win, because we are a family of faith not to mention stubborn as all get out. So, my father’s kidney (only has one functioning kidney due to a childhood illness) was in failure, his blood was completely septic from the cancer that had filled up over 90% of his bladder. Had he needed it, I was planning on giving him one of my kidneys (thank goodness for spares…lol), but his kidney returned to normal after dialysis and transfusion.

My father is truly a “Daddy.” He brings his sense of humor, love of his family, protection, devotion, and his unwavering faith to our family. He knew without a doubt that he would be healed and with his faith, prayer and through the skills of the doctors, he made it. Then, with prayer and treatment, my father was healed and this is what we are prayer for with regard to my mom.

So, this is the third type of cancer my mom has had in the past year. She has been through endometrial cancer, gall bladder cancer, and now the aforementioned Cholangiocarcinoma that has put a tumor the size of an orange on her liver. I have told her that if she just needed to be the center of attention, I would gladly have lavished her with the attention she so richly deserves.

Let me tell you a bit about my mom. She is a southern lady with all of the charm and grace that her mother imparted to her. She is a rock of faith and is one of the most loving, compassionate, caring, nurturing, faith filled people I know. My mother is more than a “mom,” she is my best friend. Living over 1,000 miles away from my amazing parents is very hard at times like these. We don’t go a week and rarely more than a couple of days without talking on the phone to one another and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I just wish I could be there every day taking care of them as they loved and took care of me.

This set is for my mom who is truly the best mom in the whole world. This set is for my dad who is set in his devotion to her and is there taking care of her right now. Mommy, Daddy, I want you to know that I love you more than I can express in words. You mean the world to me and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are the greatest parents in the world. Thank you so much for loving me, accepting me just as I am (even when I came home from college with fuchsia hair and an eyebrow ring wearing combat boots and a doggie choke chain latched around my neck with a safety pin), and for making me in to the woman I am today. You both are my heart and I love you so very much.

FYI: Green is the color for cancers of the liver and whatnot.

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