Association of Bridal Consultants Aspen Fact Caravan: Wedding and Event Sitters by Charity

For our caravan, I was privileged to carpool with Charity, the owner of Wedding and Event Sitters by Charity.

Charity’s company provides professional, licensed daycare for children under 12 at your wedding or event. As many of you know, deciding whether to have children at your event can be a very touchy subject. Etiquette dictates that if you invite children to your event (meaning you include the children’s names on the envelope), you as the host should provide care for the children so that not only you, but the parents you invite can fully enjoy your event. Children can add a lot of fun to an event, but we know that children need to be provided with activities to keep them occupied. Many people choose to utilize friends and family as sitters, but that can keep those you are close to from fully participating in your event and can make the parents of the children nervous about trusting their children to an unlicensed stranger. Others choose to only invite those children that are participants in the bridal party or those children that are part of the family. Others choose not to invite children at all.

Charity’s company provides professional childcare for a variety of events to ensure your guests are “…relaxed, happy and enjoy your wedding than to take the pressure off of them to entertain and supervise their own children…the wedding experience seemed more enjoyable for the children, parents and other wedding guests when the children were provided with professional supervision.” (Brown, 2008).”

Wedding and Event Sitters by Charity is insured, all caregivers are screened, and sitters are CPR and First Aid certified. Charity and her sitters come prepared with our “traveling book nook”, age appropriate games and toys, arts and crafts, music, and group games. What a great gift to your guests: “allow them to relax and enjoy your event without the worry of what the children are doing.”

If children are going to be a part of your event, you owe it to yourself and your guests to consider providing child care services. If finances are prohibitive, you can “sitter share.” When you “sitter share” you provide the option of daycare to your guests and the guest pays for the sitter. Instead of having multiple sitters, why not have the kids all together in one space having a great time?

Take a look at Charity’s site and consider this as an option for your event. Services such as Charity’s are insurance for a stress free day for you and your guests.


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