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How much a typical wedding costs

Trying to determine a realistic wedding budget? Want to know what the average cost for a wedding in your area is? Cost of Wedding.com allows you to plug in your zip code and tells you what the average cost of a wedding is for your area.

“On average, US couples spend $19,581 for their wedding. However, the majority of couples spend between $14,686 and $24,476.”

What does is cost in my area? “Couples that live in or travel to Denver, CO spend between $18,467 and $30,778 total for Average Cost. You should expect to pay, on average, 50% to 100%+ more when choosing well-experienced professionals, designer labels, popular event locations, unique or custom products and services.”


Frog Prince Wedding

The story of the Frog Prince tells us that things aren’t always what they seem and that by looking beyond the surface, love and happiness can be found.