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Facebook Challenge 2: Old Hollywood

Here is another challenge from Mary. I thought I would go back to 1939, the year two of the best movies ever made came out: The Wizard of Oz and Gone With the Wind. Enjoy.

Facebook Challenge 1: Rat Pack Wedding

So, a few days ago, I posted a challenge to my friends on my personal Facebook. The challenge was for them to come up with a theme for a party, wedding, gala, etc. and I would do an inspiration board for the theme. Here is the first one courtesy of my friend Mary (we went to college together): Rat Pack Wedding.

Lavish Cakes 7, the final chapter

So, I got a little carried away with the lavish cakes, but the right cake is an essential part of any event whether it be a wedding reception or a charity gala. Often, the cake sets the tone for the entire event and is a vital decorative element. A good majority of the time, your guests will come away from your event remembering the cake: it’s taste, it’s beauty, and it’s lavishness.

Lavish Cakes 6

Lavish Cakes part 5

And now, back to my series on lavish cakes. Please note that the links provided below the inspiration board will tell you which cake artists/bakers made the cakes. If you like their work, please seek them out and support their talents.

Taking a break from cakes with a party theme

Inspired by the story of Henry Schalizki and Bob Davis (Tying the Knot After Six Decades), I wanted to take a break from the Lavish Cakes sets and honor these two men by paying homage to their 60 year relationship. So, today I present to you a Diamond Anniversary set full of bling and inspired by this great couple.

Lavish Cakes Set 4