Attention Foodies

Everyone knows that no matter how pretty you make an event, if the food is ho hum or simply awful, that is what people will remember most. Be sure to taste some of your food vendor’s wares before you sign a contract. Also, be sure to have them provide you with a tasting of the items you plan to serve before your event. Once you sign that contract, it’s too late. Any caterer worth their salt (pun unintended) will have you try their food before you choose them as well as provide you with a tasting of the menu you plan to serve at your event. So, in honor of my best friend and ex-husband, Jon, I bring you a foodie post.

P.S.- Please don’t serve what has become the go to menu for events everywhere (especially weddings): Filet Mignon with Chilean Sea Bass…don’t do it…it’s overused, totally passe, and Chilean Sea Bass is completely overfished.

Beef Sushi:
French Fries:
Caprese Salad:
Lamb Chops:
Pearl Couscous:
Scrambled Egg with Caviar:
Dessert Trio:
Veggie Kabob:
Martini Dish:


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